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Save time and money with railroad tank car culverts.

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Stop wasting your time working with a middle man.

You'll find exactly what you need when you work with Clark Tank Cars! We’re honest about costs, which are based on the current steel prices and may vary based on your distance from us. And if we don’t have the size you need in stock, we’ll tell you—and we’ll order it for you right then and there.


We know you’re looking for a long-term product, the best price, and a short-and-sweet process.

Your railroad tank car culvert will resist bending and rusting all the way through thanks to its ½-inch steel, and your drainage solution will handle heavy water flow for years. And because you won’t have to replace your culvert as frequently, you’ll save money in the long run.

We’ve eliminated the headache of a slow turnaround time by our one-week standard delivery.

And you don’t have to worry about calling several dealers or navigating miscommunications with us. A better drainage solution will be yours after just two or three phone calls, where we learn about your needs, budget, and timeline. Then, we’ll set up a delivery to your farm, land, or county.

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Our Process

First, we’ll set aside the railroad tank car for your culvert (or order it if we don’t have the size you want). Before doing anything else, we’ll inspect the car for damage to make sure it’s safe and durable for your site. Then, we’ll weld the top back onto the tank car.

Depending on what you need, we’ll either cut the tank lengthwise into a half-round or keep it as a full round. If you choose a half-round, we’ll add a floor and header wall to reinforce the culvert against heavy water flow. Finally, we’ll deliver the finished product to your farm, land, or county.

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Ready to order your railroad tank car culvert?