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Invest in a strong, cost-effective flatcar bridge.

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Save time and money with a flatcar bridge.

You may not have heard of Clark Tank Cars before, so it’s understandable if you’re not sure this affordable option will work for your farm, land, or county. But the reason you’ll save 30 to 70 percent over time is that these flatcars are built to last more than a few years—which isn’t the case with most conventional bridges. 


We know you're time is limited, so our ordering and delivery process easy.

We understand how much you value a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require you to go through a middle man or jump through time-wasting hoops.

When we first speak with you, we’ll get right to the point by asking about your project needs, timeline, and budget. After just two or three phone calls—and five to seven days from order to delivery—the bridge is yours. And if we don’t have your item in stock, we’ll let you know and order it for you as soon as possible.

We've eliminated the need for you to worry about anything when it comes to bridges.

Because of our bridges’ strength and durability, they’ll experience less load stress and deflection (when the structure moves from its original position due to traffic, runoff, or flooding).

Our flatcar bridges work best for low-volume traffic, but they can still support 70 tons at a time.

Whether you want a bridge in a newly developed area, or you need to replace a damaged or unstable structure, we can help you get exactly what you need on time and on budget.

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Our Process

First, we’ll make sure we have your desired product in stock; if we don't, we’ll order it right away. Next, we’ll inspect the flatcar for buckling or obvious signs of repair, which can compromise the safety and stability of a bridge. Then, we’ll strip away any hoses, valves, brakes, and running gears from the car, leaving just the frame and decking.

Next, we’ll check with your local fire department on the weight capacity required for your bridge. Then, we’ll refurbish the wooden or steel flatcar deck, add a steel curb, and repaint the car for a clean and simple design. Finally, we’ll deliver the bridge to your farm, land, or county.

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Ready to order your flatcar bridge?