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Get cost-effective, durable culverts and bridges.


Clark Tank Cars is a family-owned business that turns tank cars into culverts and flat rail cars into bridges for sustainable, affordable drainage and crossing solutions.

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Why should you use tank car culverts and flatcar bridges?

1Conserve resources.

We purchase decommissioned tank cars and flat rail cars from old railyards and fashion them into culverts and bridges. This lets you invest in a drainage or road-crossing solution that doesn’t waste useful materials.

2Get what you need, fast.

Whether you need a culvert to fix a drainage problem or want a bridge for your farm, land, or county, tank car culverts and flatcar bridges give you a variety of options that can be delivered within five to seven days of your order.

3Save money long term.

Because our culverts and bridges are made from strong, ½-inch steel train cars, they’re built to last up to 30 years. This means you don’t have to worry about paying to replace your product every few years or so.

Who should partner with Clark Tank Cars?

We’re happy to serve anyone who needs a bridge or culvert. We’ve helped farmers, landowners, and town and county supervisors solve their drainage or road-crossing issues.


If you’re struggling with heavy field runoff or flooding, a tank car culvert with a wide water flow capacity may be just the answer you’re looking for. Or, if you need to set up a safe crossing over streams or ditches, we can deliver a flatcar bridge to your site.



Whether you own a few acres or expansive property, flooding and unstable road conditions can affect any landowner. Our culverts can help you solve drainage problems, and you can make it easier (and safer) for others to cross rural roads with our bridges.


Town & County Supervisors

Stop shelling out money every few years to replace old, damaged culverts or bridges that are in constant need of repairs. We can help you find a safe, long-lasting drainage or road-crossing solution that will save your town or county money over time.

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You don’t have to settle for drawn-out orders and deliveries, especially when you know exactly what you need for your project.

We help farmers, landowners, and county supervisors replace old, unsafe culverts and bridges with strong, sustainable ones. You can rely on us to help you save money over time—and to deliver exactly what you need, usually within a week.

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When you work with other companies, you may have to go through a “middle man” to get the culvert or bridge you need. You might also experience poor communication or a slow turnaround time, but you won’t have those issues with us.

We’ll be honest about our steel-based prices, delivery times, and product availability. We’ll also stay in touch while we repurpose your culvert or bridge and deliver it on time.

We keep the entire process simple for you. We’ll find out what you need and give you a quote. Next, we’ll send you photos of what we have; if we don’t have exactly what you want, we’ll order it. Then, we’ll set up a delivery date and drop off your finished product.

It’s easy to get started with Clark Tank Cars:

  1. Contact us.
  2. Discuss your needs.
  3. Set up a delivery date.

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When you partner with us, you’ll get:


Strong, long-lasting culverts and bridges


Easy ditch and stream crossing


Better water drainage in your county or on your land or farm


Fast turnaround from order to delivery


Clear communication from our family


A project that’s finished on time and on budget

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Ready for an affordable, long-lasting bridge or culvert?

We make it easy to finish your project on time and on budget. Just follow these three steps to get your tank car culvert or flatcar bridge:

  1. Contact us.
  2. Discuss your needs.
  3. Set up a delivery date.